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PRC Financial Service LLC is a privately held company. Our mission is to provide helpful information and services in the financial field.

Whether it is the formulation of your corporation, the filing of business, personal tax returns, to building a business structure from the ground up, PRC Financial Service LLC has the professionals to assist you in every phase of your journey.

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Choosing the right payroll provider can be a challenge.  A lot of payroll service providers have hidden fees for the little things you don’t expect.  At PRC Financial Service LLC, our payroll rates are affordable and easy to understand.  We don’t nickel and dime our customers for the little things like most other providers

Our per check fee varies depending on the number of employees receiving checks or direct deposits and the payroll processing frequency.  The higher the number of checks, the lower the cost per check.  Call us today at (888) 692-9002.

A batch fee is the base expense associated with opening, processing, and closing a payroll period.  It establishes the base price for processing a payroll and covers ancillary operating expenses such as bank fees, ACH fees, direct deposits, check stock, and software related expenses.

All shipping costs for mailing employee checks is a “pass through” cost only.  We offer paperless solutions including direct deposit, online reports, and employee online web access for employers who want to eliminate shipping expenses.  PRC Financial Service LLC has a national account with Fed Ex which significantly reduces the cost of shipping.

At the end of each quarter, PRC Financial Service LLC files all State and Federal quarterly reports with tax payments for employer and employee withholding taxes including:

  1. Social Security/Medicare Tax,
  2. Federal Unemployment Tax,
  3. State Unemployment Tax,
  4. Local Tax (if applicable in your city).  There is a nominal fee for tax reporting.

At the end of each year, the IRS requires each employer to send a W-3 Transmittal Form to the Social Security Administration along with copies of W-2’s.  Additionally, Employers are required to issue W-2 to employees.  PRC Financial Service LLC does not charge for the annual W-3.  We do charge a small fee for each Employee W-2 we print and mail.

PRC Financial Service LLC makes the set-up process fast and easy.  Our advanced payroll system allows for maximum customization for employers.  Set-up includes business information, employee data, data conversion, tax registration (if needed), custom reports configuration, direct deposits, and general ledger set-up.  Set-up fees vary depending on the conversion process and number of employees.

PRC Financial Service LLC offers many other beneficial services to our customers.  Many of our customers love our integrated Pay As You Go workers compensation program. Other employers like our HR Service Center, affordable 401(k) products, insurance packages, and benefit solutions.  Contact a Payroll Specialist for more information about the costs associated with these services.

We offer a great payroll service at a great price.  We don’t charge clients extra for adding new employees, payroll reports, garnishments, and vendor payments for benefits.

Pricing for 1-5 employees.

 $50/month, for 1-5 employees.

One Time setup fee $75.00

“Full tax filing services, direct deposit and all normal full service features for 1-5 employees

$1.85 for each direct deposit. Online processing

Set up and payment of all State and Federal taxes.

941 Forms Reported to the State $25 per quarter.

$5 per W-2, 1099, Plus all year-end tax statements included

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